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Why can’t I login to Perkopolis Hotels if I am already registered on Perkopolis.com?

The hotel site is a separate platform, therefore you must register for Perkopolis.com and Perkopolis Hotels separately. You will need to create a different password than the one on Perkopolis.com because the requirements are different. This password must include one number, one uppercase and one special character, for example %. After creating your new password, we recommend you log into your account on Perkopolis.com and you can update your password there so that you will have the same login for both websites.

How do I register for Perkopolis Hotels?

Please visit: www.hotels.perkopolis.com and click ‘Register Now’ because you are a first-time user. You will need your member ID code provided by your organization to complete your registration.

Where can I find my member ID code?

If you do not have your member ID code you can find it easily using the steps below:

1. Login to your account on www.perkopolis.com
2. Find the “Travel” category and look under Hotels. Click the icon ‘Perkopolis Hotels Worldwide’. Then click on the words “Get your Member ID” and your code will be revealed.
3. If the code does not reveal please contact our customer service department for support.
4. Alternatively, you can go to your HR/Organization directly and request the code from them.

What is my username?

After you are registered on Perkopolis Hotels, your username will be the email address you registered with.



When will I receive my hotel reservation confirmation?

The confirmation/voucher will be automatically sent to the email address provided at the time of registration and/or during the booking process. If you do not see the voucher in your inbox, please check your spam folder. Alternatively, you can log into your account on hotels.perkopolis.com and you can download or print your voucher under the "My Reservations" section.

I called the hotel and they don't have my hotel reservation. What should I do?

If you have received a Perkopolis confirmation your booking it is confirmed and guaranteed. Our rooms are booked through a third-party supplier, so depending on your arrival date the hotel may not receive your information until closer to check-in. However, we do still recommend you contact the property 48 HRS prior to your scheduled arrival to confirm. If the hotel still can’t find your reservation please call customer service at 1-800-761-7523 Monday- Friday (9am- 5pm EST).

Can I book a reservation for friends and family? Or do I have to be present?

Yes, you can book on behalf of friends and family. Although it may be your Perkopolis account you do not have to be present. However, please ensure you put all the reservation details in the name of the person checking-in. The name on the reservation has to match the name on the credit card provided for the security deposit.




When will I be charged for my hotel reservation?

All Perkopolis bookings are prepaid hotel reservations, therefore they are charged in the full amount at the time of booking. With pre-paid bookings you are only required to provide a credit card for the security deposit.

Do prepaid reservations include all taxes and fees?

Room Taxes and most fees are included in the cost of the reservation, however if there are other fees and/or city taxes, which are payable directly to the hotel that will be disclosed prior to confirming the booking. The hotel does require a credit card at the time of check-in for the security deposit. Please note, the amount paid to Perkopolis does not include extra services payable directly to the hotel, such as: meals, movies, parking, phone calls etc. If you are unclear as to what costs are included please contact Customer Service.

What if my payment doesn’t go through or my booking cancels right away?

If your transaction has declined there may be a variety of different reasons:
• Funds are not available in your account.
• You may have exceeded the transaction limits applicable to your account.
• You did not enter your card information (including the expiry date, billing address and/or security code (CVV) correctly.
• Your payment type may not be accepted as a form of payment. (Please be advised that the system may reject types of cards, such as: Visa/MasterCard debits and/or pre-paid/gift cards. Major Credit Cards are preferred, including VISA, AMEX and MC)

If you have checked all the information above and everything is correct. The room/rate may no longer be available. In this case, it’s best to reach out to customer service at 1-800-761-7523 or email us at customerservice@perkopolis.com.

Why is the room rate higher today than when I checked yesterday?

We book rooms through a third party supplier, therefore dynamic pricing is in effect. It is best to book the room as soon as possible to ensure you secure the rate while it’s still available. Rates are only guaranteed at the time of booking and are subject to change without notice.

Do you price match with other booking sites? Or if the price drops on Perkopolis.com will you refund me the difference?

Unfortunately, not. As the rates go up and down daily we would be unable to price match with other booking sites. Please also keep in mind that if you find a cheaper rate you would have to cancel your existing reservation and rebook at the cheaper price. Before cancelling your reservation please take a look at your cancellation deadline to make sure you are outside of penalties. If you are able to cancel you will be refunded for the previous booking. However, if you have already past the cancellation deadline we cannot refund your booking.



How do I cancel my hotel reservation?

Please sign in to your hotels.perkopolis.com account, select the booking you want to cancel and click the "Cancel" button. Prior to cancelling be sure you have read the cancellation policy before sending your cancellation request. An email confirming the cancellation of your reservation and the corresponding refund amount will be sent to you. There is also a link in your confirmation email to view, change or cancel your reservation. Simply click this link to access your reservation and click the "Cancel" button.

What if I have to cancel my hotel booking?

The cancellation policy depends on the hotel/room. Please read carefully the hotel's cancellation policy at the time of purchase as listed on the Perkopolis Hotels Website. No credits can be issued on unused room nights due to early departures or after check in date. Cancellation fees, if applicable, are non-refundable.

Can I make changes to my hotel reservation?

You can make changes to your reservation if it does not have a 'non refundable' cancellation policy or you are making the changes prior to the cancellation deadline. You may make changes to your reservation by emailing customerservice@perkopolis.com. All changes must be received in writing by email. To avoid incurring hotel penalties, all reservation changes should be made prior to the cancellation deadline. Change requirements and penalties vary by hotel reservation, so please review your hotel confirmation email for details.


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